Do You Want to Write a Bestseller?

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Nurses Have Great Stories!

We know the secrets from the corridors of hospitals that most people don’t know. Knowing how important your stories are can help you:


Get more respect - both from others and yourself.


Feel more free. Doing what you love, never feels like work.


Expand your healing capabilities by helping through stories.

Carol's Journey

“I took some courses before I became a bestselling author, and of course I had a great mentor (Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather). With that one book, (The Nurse’s Story) I helped change the lives of more people than I had in all my years of nursing”.

I was able to do it (and then do it again and again) and I know you can too!

I would like to help you and share with you all I’ve learned about how to write and publish a bestselling book in the smartest ways I’ve learned how.


Learn how to tell your stories

  • High-quality, full-length videos
  • Clever writing tips and tricks
  • What I learned from The Godfather
  • How to access an unusual source for creative ideas
  • Easy Self Publishing, Covers, Layouts and more

Nurse Writers

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Carol’s writing program is for everyone

Her readers appreciate her…

She continues to inspire them...

And they keep asking for more...

“I’m currently reading Rusty’s Story and I’m so in love with it! I just wanted to say that you are so talented and an amazing author!”

Zak Moonshine

“After reading your book what a inspiration you are and courageous….I too hope to inspire like you.”

Cindy Beckhorn

“I loved the book, have told many of my co workers about it. Brought back soooo many memories…good and bad. Please let me know if you write anything else. Thank you again!!”

Jennifer Peters

And finally she is offering more!!

Nurse Writers Course

Carol Gino RN, MA, has been a nurse, author and teacher for many years. read more

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